A dream come true

Villas do agrinhoVillas do Agrinho has a history of passion for nature. It all started in 2012 when a group of investors fascinated by the natural riches of the Gerês, especially where our establishment is currently located, decided to take the first steps toward fulfilling an ambitious project where it would be possible to bring together various restored homes, roads and infrastructure of the surrounding natural environment. In the face of this challenge, the entrepreneurial spirit of those involved was a determining factor in going ahead with restoration, improvement, restructuring and construction work to add value to the existing houses, equipping them for future tourism undertakings.

piscinaIn 2013, the (re)construction of the infrastructures, which also included a swimming pool, tennis court and Jacuzzi, together with the location’s natural charms, namely the proximity to the shores of the Caniçada Lagoon, the waterfalls, fruit trees and gardens, not to mention the sunshine and astounding panoramic view, have helped create a unique and irresistible place that we have named Villas do Agrinho.

One year later the tourism complex opened its doors to the public for the first time. Demand exceeded all expectations, encouraging investors to increase their efforts to improve the space in view of internationalizing the project by investing in new markets, such as central Europe.

In 2015, its image and services were restructured in order to better reflect the essence and future goals of the complex, making it more modern, attractive and welcoming.

Today, Villas do Agrinho is quite literally a dream come true. A dream we would like to share with you.