Explore the Gerês in all of its splendour

We believe that it is not only important promote Villas do Agrinho, but also other locations of interest in the region with the ultimate goal of promoting the Gerês. We want you have a limitless experience of Gerês, trying its cuisine and local attractions and at the end of the day find comfort in our villas, which are the ideal place to recharge your batteries, so to speak.

Where to Eat

Restaurante Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro Restaurant

A very old restaurant where all meals are made in wood-burning ovens. The ambience is rustic with wood and granite decoration in an ample and friendly space. Outside there is a terrace where you can take in the splendid backdrop of Bouro.

Restaurante Abocanhado

Abocanhado Restaurant

The Abocanhado is a restaurant that emphasizes local ingredients, namely goat and calf, which feed freely throughout the fields and slopes of Brufe. The Abocanhado Restaurant is located in the town of Brufe, some 12 km from district capital Terras de Bouro, in the Serra Amarela (Yellow Mountain), at an altitude of approximately 800 m.

What to Do

Passeio a Cavalo

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the most common activities in our region, offering riders an incomparable sensation of freedom. It is also a way for taking in the bucolic scenery. It is a must for anyone who enjoys sports and animals.

Passeio de Charrete

Horse Carriage Ride

This romantic activity is a favourite among our visitors, as they find themselves in the ideal location to enjoy it and bask in the company of their better half.

Passeio de barco

Boat Ride

The location of Villas do Agrinho is ideal for activities on the river. A pleasant boat ride can offer an agreeable adventure, while enjoying nature. Come feel the breeze and good vibes!


Hiking with a picnic

There is no better way to get to know the marvels of Peneda-Gerês up close than by hiking. To top all it all off, why not a picnic?

Passeio de Jipe

Jeep Ride

If you want to get to know the surrounding area of Villas do Agrinho without having to walk too much, a jeep ride is a great idea.



If you enjoy sports and adrenaline, canyoning is the perfect activity for you. Even though it is an extreme sport, it is very safe. It has become an increasingly popular trend in Portugal due to the country’s large number of rivers. It is a sport known for its strong emotions and for fostering gradual exploration of the river. In addition, it allows you to experience a sense of freedom resulting from closeness with nature.

passeio de moto

4×4 Motorbike Ride

This ride includes a tour guide and all the equipment you will need for a safe ride. The 4×4 motorbike ride is one of the most sought after activities due to its extreme aspects and the possibility of discovering the surrounding areas of the Mountain. The rides are generally undertaken via sinuous terrain over dirt roads or through the woods, through the heart of the Gerês. This activity allows you to see rare wild animals, such as the garrano pony, squirrels or even roe deer.

What to Visit


Bread Route, Rural Pharmacy and Small Orchard Fruits in a Jar Workshop at the Calcedónia Foundation

A look at traditional methods of production, offering a tour and contact with rural life, teaching visitors about several processes, such as the production cycle of some crops and the production of a good cornbread.

Museu da Geira

Visit to the Geira Museum

This museum is located in the parish of Campo do Gerês and is totally dedicated to the Via Nova (New Road), the Roman road known as the Geira or Via XVIII (Road 18) that linked Braga to Astorga (Spain). It extends for a total of 318 km, 30 km of which are within Terras do Bouro territory.

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